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Aspen Fuel Petrol and Diesel

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Quick Overview:

 ***This is a Collection Only Product***

Aspen 2-stroke Full Range Technology and Aspen 4-stroke alkylate petrol are the cleanest forms of petrol that is available on the market today.

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Professional Fuel for Everyone



Aspen 2-stroke Full Range Technology and Aspen 4-stroke alkylate petrol are the cleanest forms of petrol that is available on the market today. Using normal premium unleaded petrol in small capacity engines without catalytic converters can be damaging for your health, the environment and for machinery. Aspen alkylate petrol contains virtually no sulphur, benzene and aromatics, which is better for you and Aspen is ethanol free, which is good news for your machines. The ready mixed Aspen 2-stroke FRT alkylate petrol also reduces the risk of incorrect mixing, eliminating engine failures which would be a very costly mistake.

So if you have just bought your first can (or are just planning to) CONGRATULATIONS!

Regardless of whether you have already made a purchase or have made up your mind to do so, you, your machine and your local environment are winners!

  • 99% cleaner emissions*
  • Ethanol free
  • Storage stable up to 5 years
  • Over 260 stockists in the UK

Click on the either the red bottle (2-stroke petrol) or the blue bottle (4-stroke petrol) or ECOPAR DIESEL for more details:


EcoPar Diesel contains no aromatics, benzene or sulphur and will reduce Co2 emissions by 30% - 50%, making it one of the cleanest diesel fuels available.

It has a high hydrogen content, giving it a excellent energy content per litre. It will function in any diesel engine without the need for modification and is suitable for both summer and winter use ( - 35 centigrade). It conforms to the European EN590 and American ASTM D975 standards.

Aspen is the better choice for machinery and for you. Find out more about the technical details here:

Technical Facts:

 ALKYLATE PETROL (Aspen 2 stroke and Aspen 4 stroke)  UNLEADED PUMP FUEL  
 Chemically stable/long storage life  Deteriorates rapidly/short storage life
 Designed for machinery with small engines  Designed for car engines
 95 RON, 92 MON  95 RON, 85 MON
 Labelled as harmful  Labelled as toxic
 Less than 10 hydrocarbons  Over 100 harmful hydrocarbons
 25% less hydrocarbon emissions than pump fuel  25% more hydrocarbon emissions than Aspen
 Less than 0.01% aromatic hydrocarbons  Up to 35% aromatic hydrocarbons
 Less than 0.01% Benzene content  Up to 1% Benzene content (volume)
 No Toluene content  Contains Toluene
 Only 2 ppm sulphur  10 ppm sulphur

 25% more hydrogen/burns cleaner/less soot production = cleaner engines


 Ethanol content Nil

 Ethanol content 5-10%

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