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Buy a STIHL iMow and get a cordless strimmer FREE

Once the new STIHL iMow Robotic Mower has worked its technology magic on your lawn, you can tidy up the edges with the compact and lightweight cordless FSA 45 strimmer.  

Frank Nicol is the leading dealership in the Highlands for STIHL products 

The new STIHL iMow is obviously no ordinary lawnmower, with its revolutionary robotic technology meaning an entirely new approach to keeping your lawn in shape – but, crucially, not an approach which will need much input from you! Indeed, not only does the iMow cut your grass, but also cares for it at the same time by finely shredding the clippings which then fall back into the lawn to help fertilise it.  A further benefit of this is of course that there are not the usual piles of grass clippings to clear up and dispose of.

Let us demonstrate the iMow to you 

To really understand how the iMow works and the extent to which it will free up time for you to relax and not worry about keeping your lawn cut and healthy, just visit us in Dingwall and one of our experts will talk you through everything you need to know. 

We’ll look after the installation – and of course provide our legendary after-sales service 

If you do go ahead and invest in an iMow, then we’ll take care of the installation. This involves a relatively small amount of thin buried wire to ensure the iMow knows exactly where it’s going (and where not to go – e.g. your precious flower beds). Although the iMow requires little maintenance and also carries a 5 year warranty, you’ll none the less have the peace of mind that comes with our renowned after-sales service. 

For more detailed and technical information about the STIHL iMow, click the button below.

Find out more about the STIHL iMow

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